Saturday, 22 November 2008

10 Books that will Help you Succeed

1. Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hill
This book is the essential guide for learning how to think like a rich person. Hill's easy step by set formula includes no guesswork; this book was written after an in depth study of the world's richest people. Hill compiles the list of attributes he discovered were common amongst virtually all successful people. If you plan on becoming rich I would recommend reading this book before starting your journey.

2. How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie
Have you ever wondered how to persuade others to your way of thinking or how some people just seem to be able to make friends easily? This book outlines the simple rules to enjoying the cooperation of everyone you meet.

3. The master key system - Charles F. Haanel
This timeless classic clearly explains the link between your inner and outer worlds. Rumour has it Bill Gates read this book as a student.

4. The power of positive thinking - Norman Vincent Peale
How thinking positively can help you to believe in yourself and improve all aspects of your life.

5. The seven habits of highly effective people - Stephen R Covey
This popular book has been sold millions of times, the world over, for a very good reason. Quite simply, it describes the standard for good leadership and harmonious relationships.

6. Rich dad, Poor dad - Robert Kiyosaki
Kiyosaki will challenge the very way you look at money, and basically flip your viewpoint upside down. Most people's relationship with money is backward. Do you learn your financial facts from rich people or poor people?

7. Lead the field - Earl Nightingale
A concise handbook on how to become the number one in your industry!

8. Awaken the giant within - Tony Robbins
Robbins is the master ambassador for taking massive action. Reading this book may well stir that sleeping giant lying dormant within you, into waking from its slumber.

9. The power of now - Eckhardt Tolle
This book was not what I expected it to be but exceeded what I thought it would be. A real paradigm shifter. Become more conscious today.

10. The magic of thinking big - David J. Schwartz
A user's manual for setting big goals and how to achieve them!

7 Steps to Achieve Whatever You Want in Your Life

1. Know exactly what you want to achieve in your life. You first find out what you want, if you do not know what you want, you will never achieve it. How can you hit if there is no target for you? This is also one of the most common problems with most people, they do not know what they want to achieve in their life, which is why most people live a mediocre life.

2. Once you knew what you want to achieve in your life, create strong and powerful belief system towards it. You must believe that you can achieve it before you actually achieve it. Your belief system is what going to determine what decision you make and how you live your life. Some people believe that they can be a millionaire, and that is why they can achieve it.

3. Set clear and specific goal. You must write down your goals about what you want to achieve in your life. Be as specific as possible. If your goals are not specific enough, you will be sending blurry message to your mind, as a result, it is hard for your mind to come up with strategies on how to achieve your goals.

4. After setting your goals, it is time for you to develop strategies on how you can achieve your goals. Your goals will determine the strategies that you set. If your goal is to earn $1,000, the strategies you develop are different from the goal of earning $100,000. Write down every strategies and action step you can think of in a piece of paper and start to organize them.

5. Organize your action plan and strategies. What you need to do is after you have written down all the goals and strategies, you must prioritize them and set deadline for each of them. Getting the most important task done first will greatly impact your life. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they are doing something unimportant. Successful people do the most important task that will give them the most results in their life first before they do others.

6. Take massive action according to your strategies. Nothing is going to happen without taking action. It is not like one day you wake up and you will achieve your goals. Action is the only factor that produces results. So if you are not taking any action, you will never achieve what you want in your life.

7. Take consistent and continuous action. You have to keep on improve on your strategies and review your goals all the time. Take consistent action all the time if you truly desire to achieve great success in your life. It is going to be a waste if you did everything but do not take the necessary action.